About Us

Our Company

With over 15 years of proven industry experience, Nectel Technologies is an IT support and consulting firm specializing in personalized solutions and exceptional service.

Proudly serving small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the greater Chicago, IL region, we provide the complete and comprehensive IT solution to our valued clients. From complete managed IT services to signature troubleshooting and support, Nectel Technologies helps companies maximize their IT investments and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of everyday operations. Our extensive familiarity with today’s most advanced IT solutions can improve nearly every facet of your business, including communication, digital storage and capability, security, recordkeeping, and so much more.

The Nectel Approach

In today’s highly competitive commercial environment, fixing a problem after it’s already caused your organization downtime and frustration is simply not acceptable.

Quickly resolving a problem is the next best objective to shoot for, but wouldn’t it be better to outright prevent the technical issue from occurring in the first place? At Nectel Technologies, our experts know how to help you swiftly and affordably overcome your IT roadblocks, but more importantly, we can help you establish a proven system or method for preventing the same issues from developing in the future. Aside from our experienced onsite and remote IT support, we provide proactive maintenance plans that can keep your computer network and hardware running efficiently for years to come.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our organization or if you’re in need of IT expertise, please contact us today!