3 Ways You Put Your Business at Risk

Putting your business at Risk

Now days, Technologies has been changing people’s life every second. In business, the world used stayed pretty much the same for a century or so after the industrial revolution

The exponential rate at with technology is developing is so fast. – whether you are ready or not. You may not think we have come that far but if you had access to time machine and went back five years you’ve shocked to see how technology has change business prospects such Social media, mobile phones, cloud computing, and apps.

In business, you plan for everything from driving traffic to increasing revenue. However, one aspect that companies often fail to consider their business plans is IT security.

Without the right IT infrastructure and cybersecurity precautions in place, your company is at high risk of losing all your valuable information to technology malfunctions or worse, cyberattacks. one cyberattacks could set your business back in immeasurable ways.

Regardless of your business size, industry, or amount of investment in IT security to date, here are six common information technology mistakes that we see business across the board make, time and time again. Look to see which mistakes your company is making, and the steps that you should take to eliminate technology risk for your business.

1- Lacking centralized cloud management


There is no doubt that business can reap huge benefits from cloud computing. For instance; Office 365 allows the company work more effetely, keeping work documents save and accessible at anytime and anywhere. Without a central cloud managements system. Your company lose the ability to create, seamless environment of solutions from which IT department and team members can access and operate all of your technology

2- Not backing up properly and/or enough


The main problem is most people don’t backup reliably. Many companies think if they are backing up in one way or another, then all their bases are covered in terms that their information is safe and accessible in case that in the event that their computers or database crash. However, in order for your efforts in backing up to be truly helpful in those times of technology crashing crisis, you must be backing up in proper manner – both in how long you can restore your backups. We have seen business backing the cloud or local and think they are covered

3- Assuming macs don’t need antivirus.

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Just because you are using Mac, does not mean you don’t need antivirus software, you should take extra protection against virus attracts. Most of us think macs are almighty and impregnable when it comes to virus and cyberattacks